Adelaide 36ers defeat Phoenix Suns in historic first

First NBL team to defeat an NBA squad is Adelaide 36ers. The Phoenix Suns were a formidable opponent for the 36ers on Monday, and they received a whipping unlike anything Americans had ever witnessed. NBL teams have traveled to the United States in recent years to play NBA clubs during the league’s preseason games.

Only Melbourne United, who lost to the Oklahoma City Thunder in overtime, has come close to winning since the league’s establishment. All of that changed on Monday as the 36ers defeated the 124-134, despite being 28-point underdogs going into the game. In the last moments, the Suns were able to reduce the distance, but the 36ers put their foot down and won easily. The 36ers also become the first non-American squad to defeat an NBA club since Brooklyn was upset by Fenerbahce in 2015 thanks to their victory.


Written by GMS

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