Astros News: Gerrit Cole Is ‘Going To Get Bryce Harper Money’ Says One MLB Player

Coincidentally, Gerrit Cole starts tonight for the Houston Astros in game three of the ALCS against the New York Yankees. Therefore, Bleacher Report has a nice article out on the dominance of the right-handed starting pitcher.

Thus far, the MLB playoffs have been his showcase. For instance, think back to what Cole did to the Tampa Rays in a series that went five games. Without Cole, the Astros might not win that series. Furthermore, he’s one of the few true difference-makers who can take the ball at the beginning of a baseball game and change the outcome.

That’s what this post highlights – pulling some key points out of the article by Scott Miller of Bleacher Report.

Fellow big leaguers know how good he is, including teammate Josh Reddick. Reddick believes the contract that the free agent to-be will be in record setting territory.

“I think everybody’s looking at that across baseball. [Bryce] Harper money? [Manny] Machado money? It’s going to be interesting. Hopefully he’s out of our division.”

Indeed, the Astros seem like they know this is their last running of the bulls with Gerrit Cole as part of their rotation. That makes this run the Astros are on more critical, knowing they will likely lose one of the best pitchers in the sport following their final game of 2019.

George Springer talks in a way that he knows to enjoy it while it lasts.

“I love playing with Gerrit,” outfielder George Springer says. “We’ll see what happens, but it’s been an honor to play with him. The way he competes on and off the field, the way he goes about it, is extremely professional. I love the guy.”

Moreover, teammates say Cole wants to play baseball for one of the California teams. Does this mean that teams like the Los Angeles Dodgers and Los Angeles Angels will have a shot at the bargaining table in the offseason? Undeniably, that’s a possibility.

Josh Reddick is quoted in the article that it’s a poorly-kept secret in regards to where Cole wants to play next.

“We know he wants to be a West Coast guy.”

Finally, enjoy what you’re seeing out of Cole. While he likely gets another appearance beyond Tuesday night, it’s hard to say how long this special run will go on. He hasn’t lost a start since May 22, a string of 24-consecutive starts.

Written by Clint Evans

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