Cowboys News: Owner Jerry Jones Comments About Jason Garrett Being On ‘Hot Seat

Cowboys owner insists Garrett is okay right now

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Someday, someone out there may start a popular Cowboys’ site called ‘Jason Garrett’s Hot Seat’. Without question, it would be a popular reference to an era of Dallas Cowboys football. For now, we all must settle for owner Jerry Jones talking about Garrett and said ‘hot seat’ each season.

Indeed, on Tuesday; Jones had more to say to 105.3 The Fan in Dallas about his head coach’s current sitting in the eyes of ownership. Remember, Dallas is at 3-3 and coming off a loss to the New York Jets this past Sunday. Now, they have a home showdown with the Philadelphia Eagles this coming Sunday. Moreover, Eagles’ head coach Doug Pederson says that Philadelphia is winning that game.

While all this is going on, Jones weighs in on how he feels about his head coach.

“We have a lot invested in Jason Garrett. He’s evolved in what I call a top coach. He brings a lot to the table.” adds “It is not a thought I am having”

Surely, Jones and the Cowboys organization have devoted a lot of time to Garrett. Now in his tenth year as Cowboys’ head coach, Garrett has a fine 80-62 record; good for a .563 winning percentage. However, Garrett is just 2-3 in the playoffs in that time.

It’s one of those conundrums for Jones: do you stay in the questionable marriage because of all the time you have invested in it? Undeniably, Jones feels like the man he pays to coach can coach a little bit. For this is why you hear him say things like ‘he brings a lot to the table’. Or perhaps he doesn’t want to create another issue for the organization while in the midst of trying to keep their quarterback Dak Prescott under contract beyond this season.

Either way, Dallas has sunk a decade into Garrett. What this means is that they are stuck in a situation where they have to see if it finally pays dividends like a Super Bowl appearance. When you look back and realize that the Cowboys haven’t been to the Super Bowl since we were all a lot younger, you realize that’s kind of wild.

And when the Cowboys are losing on Sunday to inferior opponents like the Jets, these things will constantly be brought to light for the owner to talk about and shoot down. Until he does something more about it.

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