Astros News: Gerrit Cole Had Odd Behavior Following World Series

Obviously, Gerrit Cole just finished off an incredible season which included some dominating performances in the MLB playoffs. Still, Cole warmed up in the losing effort of the Houston Astros’ dramatic game seven loss to the Washington Nationals.

Instead of Cole, Astros manager A.J. Hinch handed the ball to Will Harris. Then, you know what happened and if you don’t; just Google search ‘Howie Kendrick’.

Moreover – after the game – Cole displayed some weird behavior. In detail, Cole was hesitant to talk before clarifying on key detail. He is no longer speaking as an employee of the Houston Astros, but rather a representative of himself.

Here’s what cole said, per Hunter Atkins of the Houston Chronicle:

“I’m not an employee of the team. I guess I am a representative of myself.”

By and large – and I understand the man just lost a World Series – this is one of the more odd postgame interview introductions I can remember in any sport. Equally important was what happened next.

Indeed, things got more peculiar with Cole postgame. Here’s what happened after that quote, and this is a scene pulled straight out of any movie where there is an evil heel that declares he’s only in it for the money. In fact, it’s so slimy I almost respect it. Jeff Fletcher of the OC Register reports the Scott Boras related news.

Yes, you’re reading that right. Cole went from the odd quote to putting on a Boras Corporation hat. What this means is Cole is putting his flag in the ground, and that flag is going to end up to whoever is the highest bidder.

By comparison, it reminds me a little bit of Bryce Harper last winter on the surface. Right down to being represented by the agency that commands top dollar. Cole is merely the latest big-money pawn in the cruel game of super-agent Scott Boras.

Finally, Cole should be careful with how he conducts business. Remember, Harper recently had to talk about what it was like seeing the Washington Nationals play in the World Series without him. Now, Harper is watching his teammates spray champagne all over themselves.

It’s only money.

Written by Clint Evans

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