Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Adam Greene

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Is It Too Early to Look at NFL Week 1 Odds? Part 2

NFL Week 1 Odds

In the deadest of dead NFL times, if you're feeling a little lost at sea, you are not alone. We can all then feel a little better by taking an early look at the Week 1 lines and totals to at least mitigate that feeling. We're all just trying our best to enjoy the summer as it is.

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Is It Too Early to Look at NFL Week 1 Odds? Part 1

NFL Week 1 Lines Odds Eagles Falcons

We're two weeks away from NFL training camp and a little less than two months away from Week 1, but that doesn't mean we can't make an excuse to check out the lines for opening week and maybe slide into something before the books realize they've made a huge mistake. 

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Is this Bill Belichick’s Final Year in New England?

Bill Belichick New England Patriots

At one point before the Super Bowl the ink had not yet been put to paper, but New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels had reached an agreement with the Indianapolis Colts to be their next head coach. Before the confetti had dropped on the Patriots' 41-33 defeat at the hands of the Philadelphia Eagles, that deal was scrapped. McDaniels would stay in New England and the Colts would be back in the market for a head coach. 

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Five Dumbest McFarlane NFL Figures of All Time Part 1

McFarlane Toys, Madden 19, NFL

Just as the swallows return every year to the Mission At San Juan Capistrano, California every Spring, so then do the McFarlane NFL Figures (or, you know, toys) return to shelves around the country every summer.

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Five Dumbest McFarlane NFL Figures of All Time Part 2

Madden 19 McFarlane Toys NFL

We're continuing our countdown of the Top Five dumbest McFarlane NFL figures of all time.

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Seriously, Browns. We Can Fix This

Cleveland Browns Hue Jackson

Let's get this out of the way right now. You can already put the 2018 season in the books for the Cleveland Browns. It's over before it even begins and that's OK. If you're a Browns fan, the absolute last thing you need to happen is a 6-10 or 7-9 season that looks promising on paper, but still makes you a loser.

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Kam Chancellor’s Retirement Will Resonate Through the League

Kam Chancellor Seahawks

Just moments ago news broke through Kam Chancellor's own Twitter feed that we was calling it a career. 

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NFL Division Odds: Who Will Win the AFC West?

AFC West Odds Raiders

We wrap up our trek through the divisional odds with the AFC West, a group of teams that have all made drastic changes in coaching staffs or quarterbacks over the last two seasons. Only Andy Reid of the Kansas City Chiefs was employed by his current team in 2016. To make up for his coaching tenure advantage this season, he's breaking in a new starting quarterback, second-year Patrick Mahomes out of Texas Tech. 

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NFL Division Odds: Who Will Win the AFC South?

AFC South Betting Odds texans

There was a changing of the guard in the AFC South last season as the Jacksonville Jaguars claimed the title in a year no one expected them to compete for much more than the No. 1 pick in the 2018 NFL Draft.

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NFL Lowers the Hammer on Jameis Winston

Jameis Winston Suspended

Thursday, rumor and conjecture became reality as the NFL handed down a three-game suspension to Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston. He will not appeal. 

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