Sunday, May 20, 2018

Adam Greene

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XFL Killer: The Alliance of American Football

AAF Alliance of American Football XFL

Back in January, WWE owner Vince McMahon announced the return of the XFL in 2020, his failed football league from the early 2000s created in conjunction with NBC and their president of sports, Dick Ebersol. Now, right on the cusp of McMahon's return to football it's Dick's son Charlie who's undercut him, creating the Alliance of American Football (AAF) that will play in the spring and beat XFL to your television screens and local stadiums by a full year. 

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Hard Knocks: Cleveland Browns Dumpster Fire Will Be Televised

Cleveland Browns Hard Knocks Baker Mayfield

You know how at Christmas time some cable companies will broadcast a Yule Log burning? This is going to be a lot more like that, but with more screaming and less egg nog. Yes, the announcement came down just moments ago that none other than the Dawg Pound itself, the Browns of Cleveland, will be featured on this year's edition of HBO's Hard Knocks.

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2018 NFL Odds: Indianapolis Colts Season Win Total

Andrew Luck Indianapolis Colts NFL Win Totals

Andrew Luck's health status looms large on the NFL landscape. So large, in fact, I've factored it into all my NFC South win total articles. It's just that big a deal for the Indianapolis Colts. 

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Post-Draft Free Agency: Top Four Defensive Tackles

Johnathan Hankins NFL Free Agents Defensive Tackles

Free agents still available at this point usually come with some baggage and plenty of questions. All the men on this list have been starters in the NFL, but a couple have issues that have to at least be touched upon before getting signed as a free agent.

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2018 NFL Odds: Houston Texans Season Win Total

Deshaun Watson Houston Texans NFL Win Totals

As we've made our way through the AFC win totals, it's been obvious the books have been conservative, even on the best teams. You can throw all that out the window when it comes to the Houston Texans.

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Post-Draft Free Agency: Top Four Edge Rushers

As teams have become more pass-oriented, the pass rusher has emerged as a premium position. So much so that pretty much every defensive scheme in the NFL is predicated on how the defensive coordinator best feels he can get after a quarterback. Thus, the "Edge Rusher" designation was born.

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2018 NFL Odds: Tennessee Titans Season Win Total

Tennessee Titans NFL Win Totals Marcus Mariota

It's a new year, a new look and a new head coach for the Tennessee Titans, yet the sportsbooks aren't buying into a totally different result.

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Post-Draft Free Agency: Offensive Line

Luke Joeckel NFL Free Agents

There wasn't a ton of offensive line movement in free agency this offseason. Most teams that were desperate to add talent did so last year. Others that had real needs addressed them in April's NFL Draft.

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2018 NFL Odds: Jacksonville Jaguars Season Win Total

Jacksonville Jaguars Win Total

You could see the below win total spread for the Jacksonville Jaguars as kind of an insult. This is a team that finished 10-6 last season, but could have easily been 12-4. They upset the Pittsburgh Steelers in the playoffs and, for nearly three quarters, were in real danger of going to the Super Bowl.

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Post-Draft NFL Free Agency: Wide Receivers

Dez Bryant NFL Free Agents Wide Receiver

For this point in the offseason, there are a surprisingly high number of quality free agent wide receivers still on the market. It could be that some guys have priced themselves out of early contracts or are looking for something more than a one-year deal.

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