Adam Greene

Adam Greene is a writer and photographer based out of East Tennessee. His work has appeared in USA Today, the Associated Press, the Chicago Cubs Vineline Magazine, and many other publications.

NFL Betting: Against the Spread Power Rankings – Week 3

It’s still September, so plenty of what we think we know now will completely evaporate by Halloween. Still, the league hierarchy is already taking shape and here at GetMoreSports, we don’t just arbitrarily put these NFL Power Rankings together. We look at a team’s performance against the point spread, and then put together the Against the Spread Power Rankings. Here’s …

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Odds on First Head Coach Fired in 2018 – NFL Betting

With the regular season upon us, there’s no reason to spend even a week pretending a head coach won’t likely be fired before the league wraps up Week 17 in December. Certainly, if you’re a fan of a perennially underperforming squad, there’s no better feeling than watching the architect of your team’s awfulness get ejected from the building. It’s truly …

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