Bengals News: Star Wide Receiver A.J. Green Realizes He May Be Traded

For the winless Cincinnati Bengals, changes are coming. Moreover – when the winds of change blow – how big will the changes be?

Reportedly, they could be as big as star wideout A.J. Green on the move; as reported on Thursday by ESPN. Equally important, the star receiver out of Georgia says he’s ready for anything.

While the interview came through the official Bengals’ website, here’s what Green had to say:

“I’m prepared for anything,” Green told “A trade’s not going to change who I am. I’m still going to play. I’m still going to be A.J.”

Obviously, it’s understandable why insiders like Jason LaCanfora have reported teams believe Green is worth as much as a future first-round pick. During his eight-year career through 2018, Green has 602 receptions. He has not played in 2019 due to injury.

Still, it’s easy to see at age-30; Green is building a Hall of Fame career. All the while, he’s had Andy Dalton at quarterback. All of this means that with a star at quarterback for a contending team, Green could be a player that puts a contender over the top.

Admirably, it sounds like Green wants to remain in Cincinnati; or he’s saying all the right things while he remains there.

“I want the team records,” Green told “I want more Pro Bowls. I want all that so when I leave there is going to be a standard.”

Finally, you know when the head coach isn’t immediately shooting down the possibility of a guy being on the move; it’s on the table as a possibility. First-year head coach Zac Taylor was asked about Green’s meaning to the organization – after being asked about a possible move of the wide receiver.

“He obviously means a lot to this organization,” Taylor said. “It’s something we continue to talk through.”

So which teams in the league make the most sense for Green? Could anyone imagine him playing for the Green Bay Packers? He would look good in that uniform, for starters.

Written by Clint Evans

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