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Survivor: Ghost Island – Updated Betting Odds

On night six and Episode 2 of CBS’ Survivor: Ghost Island, we join the Malolo tribe back at camp as James talks about the stress of tribal council. Fortunately, James only got two votes and was safe after his failure to perform at the last immunity challenge. The odds to win Ghost Island have changed as well so check those out below.

Immediately, we move to the first Survivor reward challenge. Donathan returns from Ghost Island. Is anyone else rooting for this kid besides me? He’s already showed some major gumption.

Of course, now that both tribes profess that they feel safe and bonded, Jeff tells them to drop their buffs, he’s switching it up and it isn’t the reward challenge just yet. Of course, Survivor fans know that this means this changes the entire game, how people are playing and the relationships they’ve made.

The players with purple buffs are the new Naviti tribe and the orange buffs become the new Malolo tribe. On the new Naviti tribe there are four Malolo tribe members now – Donathan, Libby, Laurel and James and we have five old Naviti members – Dominick, Chris, Angela, Wendell and Morgan.

On the new Malolo tribe, there are also four old Malolo tribe members – Jenna, Stephanie, Brendan, Michael and five old Naviti – Desiree, Sebastian, Kellan, Bradley and Chelsea.

We watch the survivors begin to bond again with their new tribe members. Donathan is happy with the arrangements because the Naviti tribe had more tools and built more shelter, but Chris already talks about Dom’s “idol” that he has to get him to play. Chris and Angela talk strategy, but Angela tells the camera that she feels like he is barking orders instead of talking to someone. Chris continues to talk about the plan to vote Domenick out and doesn’t seem to be listening to the other Survivors. Typically, this is where those of us watching at home would believe that Chris is up for a potential blindside if he doesn’t watch his step.

Some of the new Malolo tribe members are complaining about their new digs – yeah, that’s going to go over well in bonding.

At the water cooler, Jenna and Stephanie decide they are going to start to look for an idol. Brendan comes into the “find an idol” task when they realize that he and the other old Malolo tribe members are outnumbered. Listen to the music folks, as the crescendo starts you know they found the idol. Ta-da!

Michael finds the idol that James originally had from Survivor: China in 2007 and, in one of the worst gameplays ever, James went home with both of them – the only Survivor in its history to do so. Raise your hand if you scream at the television to play their idols!

Can Michael reverse the curse? How ironic it is that Michael found James to be one of his favorite Survivors since he started watching as a youngster (eight!?) and now he has that Survivor’s idol in his hand.

At the Naviti camp, Morgan and Libby start talking about an alliance with ‘five strong,’ but Chris is so gung-ho to get Dominick out of the tribe. Morgan and Libby talk to the camera about how they bonded with each other and are tight.

Come on in guys! It’s immunity challenge time! Wow, what a puzzle they have to put together. They are also playing for reward – one tarp to protect them from the elements. Just as a reminder, the winning tribe sends one member of the losing tribe to Ghost Island.

Malolo wins the competition, sending Naviti to Tribal Council, so will we get that blindside? We’ll see. Since Malolo can’t decide who to send to tribal council because of the loyalty to previous tribal members, the decision for the person going to Ghost Island comes down to drawing rocks. Chris has the white rock and gets sent to Ghost Island – there goes that blindside!

When Chris arrives at Ghost Island, he doesn’t win an opportunity to play the game and is shown breaking down a bit.

Back at Naviti on Day 9, the chit-chat between the members shows that there’s the potential for a split vote as the members don’t want to vote Dominick. Angela becomes the potential target. Domenick says that he may show them his fake idol to try and earn trust – I don’t get it. You’re showing them a fake idol, what kind of trust are you trying to build. You’ll get what you give – fake. James is suspicious that Domenick is just trying to throw them off from his real idol – BINGO!

Other chit-chat is about voting out Morgan, but Libby is completely against her partner going home. Alliances to the original tribes are now getting questioned and threatened.

(Can someone tell me how the Survivors start walking to tribal council and it’s light out and when it starts it’s dark out? How far away is tribal council? LOL)

The votes are in and Anglea has 3, Morgan has 3 and Libby has 1. The tie-breaking vote goes to Morgan who is voted off of Survivor. Definitely a blindside. In the after credits, it is shown that Libby actually voted for Morgan! Morgan wills the Legacy Advantage to….Domenick.

Survivor: Ghost Island Betting Odds (Updated 3/8/18)

Brendan Shapiro (41, PE Teacher) +400
Stephanie Johnson (34, Yoga Instructor) +450
Michael Yerger (18, Real Estate Agent) +700
Kellyn Bechtold (31, Career Counselor) +800
Wendell Holland (33, Furniture Company Owner) +900
Libby Vincek (24, Social Media Strategist) +1000
Jenna Bowman (23, Advertising Account Executive) +1250
Angela Perkins (42, Army Veteran) +1300
Sebastian Noel (22, Fishing Guide) +1500
Domenick Abbate (38, Construction Supervisor) +1750
Laurel Johnson (29, Financial Consultant) +2000
Donathan Hurley (26, Caretaker) +2500
Bradley Kleihege (26, Law Student) +3000
Chris Noble (27, Male Model) +3500
Desiree Afuye (21, Student) +4750
Chelsea Townsend (24, EMT/Pro Cheerleader) +7500
James Lim (24, Business Analyst) +7500

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About Lisa Iannucci

Lisa Iannucci has been interviewing professional athletes and Olympians, sports writers and film/tv personalities for more than a decade. Her book, A Film & TV Lover's Travel Guide is now available:

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