Coronavirus Rocks The Sports World, Lakers Need More From AD, Marbury Calls Out LBJ | GMS Podcast

Cancellations due to the Coronavirus continued to mount Wednesday with the NBA and NCAA both announcing that they’ll be playing in empty arenas. We discuss how the league’s are handling the global pandemic and why it might be time to suspend the games. Plus, the NBA postpones the Jazz vs. Thunder game due to Rudy Gobert’s testing positive for the Coronavirus.

The Lakers suffered a letdown loss to the Nets 104-102 on Tuesday. We break down the trap game loss and tell you why Lebron differed to Anthony Davis on the last play of the game. Plus, do the Lakers need more from Anthony Davis and LeBron James’ special birthday wish for A.D.

During a recent podcast appearance, former NBA All-Star Stephon Marbury questioned whether LeBron James was a “real Laker.” We discuss their beef and tell you why Stephon Marbury has it out for LBJ. Plus, who are the Mount Rushmore Lakers?



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Written by Doug McKain

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