Fairleigh Dickinson volleyball qualifies for the NCAA Tournament for the first time

The Fairleigh Dickinson University women’s volleyball team came into this season with a positive outlook. There was anticipation with nine new players and new head coach David Nguyen at the helm. Nguyen, who was appointed in January, had intended to steer the squad in the right direction, but he had no clue things would go to such unprecedented levels in a single season. FDU earned the Northeast Conference title during the past weekend, securing the program’s first-ever trip to the NCAA Division I Women’s Volleyball Tournament.


“My intention was to establish a friendly atmosphere, basically a strong culture that the players are more engaged in,” stated Nguyen. “Once a week, we would have our cultural gathering. It could take around 30 minutes. Sometimes we would discuss culture, and other times we would just be playing cards or something similar. That has been really helpful to us.”


Written by GMS

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