Hunter Dickinson Wants College Sports to Use a Revenue-Sharing Model

At least one player from each side will play during the men’s basketball game between Pitt and Michigan on Wednesday night with the letter “S” inscribed on their hand. The letter “S” stands for “share,” a contraction of the phrase “revenue share,” which a number of collegiate athletes feel they are entitled to. Hunter Dickinson, an All-American center for Michigan who will be sporting the “S” for the contest with the Panthers, is a member of that group.


In a statement, Dickson stated “We deserve the same privileges and protections under the law as all Americans. The NCAA pay limits must be lifted because they deprive thousands of collegiate athletes of the most formative years of their life, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.”

The National College Players Association is launching a campaign called “FairRevShare” that pushes for athletes to get an equitable part of NCAA sports income with the display on Wednesday.


Written by GMS

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