Jalen Rose argues that voting for Kyrie Irving was a mistake

The All-NBA picks are perpetually controversial. The NBA released the All-NBA teams this Wednesday, and fans were able to see which media members voted for which players. Jalen Rose was the most recent media figure to incur the ire of social media users for voting Kyrie Irving to the All-NBA third team. During the pregame broadcast, Rose expressed sorrow for his decision.

Kyrie Irving was selected to the third team of NBA All-Stars by only one person, according to Rose. “His skill captivated me, but it was a mistake to place him on the third team. “I’m relieved that this decision did not cost Trae Young his starting position, as he earned it more.” Voting in the NBA affects player wages; players can earn more if they are picked to an All-NBA squad.

The social media realm was not the only source of tension for Rose. Stephen A. Smith, his co-host, discovered Rose’s selection of Kyrie on-air and, as predicted, he was astonished, pointing out that Irving was a part-time player this season. “How in the name of God is he a third-team NBA All-Star? On any given day, hour, or minute of this season! How?” Smith inquired.


Written by Andres Soto

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