Lakers News: Lebron James Felt Like Kobe Bryant Was ‘Out There’ For All Star Game

If that wasn’t the greatest NBA All-Star game in the history of the sport, then I am not a great judge. After three quarters, I was glad I hung around for the conclusion of the fourth quarter and it’s entirety.

Every time I looked up at the television, guys were playing and playing hard. There were fouls, stout defense, the environment of a playoff feel.

Now was this a little extra effort from everyone a tribute to Kobe Bryant? Cetainly Lebron James’ postgame comments indicate he thinks so. For instance, look at the headline quote that James said following the game.

Furhermore, here’s what James says via ESPN on the increased effort in the fourth quarter, and how it could have been due to Bryant.

“I mean, anything else would be uncivilized. He’s one of the greatest basketball players, one of the most impactful players, and the inspiration that he has, it’s showing. Obviously, we all saw what he was able to do on the floor as a competitor, as a champion, someone who strived for excellence every single day, but we also saw the father he was as well to his beautiful daughters and to his wife. The things that he was doing, winning an Oscar, just doing so many things that was just, that people would aspire to do, and gaining inspiration from him because of his drive.”

Again, this kind of showing was just great for the sport. Perhaps it was Bryant’s presence at the arena that players like James are speaking of that helped. Then again, the format that paid tribute to Bryant seemed to play into it as well. With the first three quarters going to charity, the fourth quarter was for keeps.

All in all, it made for great television and a spectacular surprise. And I’ll tell my kids that the 2020 NBA All-Star Game was the greatest I ever saw.

Written by Clint Evans

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