The Lakers are willing to trade Kyrie Irving to the Nets for two first-round selections

The trade talks between the Lakers and Nets about Russell Westbrook and Kyrie Irving have come to a full standstill. The Lakers’ reluctance to include multiple first round selections in the trade to dump Westbrook and the Nets’ insistence on the topic led to a standstill in negotiations, albeit there have been several parts of the move that the two sides have discussed.


The Lakers’ lack of urgency on the issue was a respectable position to adopt in the negotiations, but as the summer wore on and the preseason drew closer, the pressure was going to increase for the Lakers to do something with Westbrook as the circumstances became hopeless.

When Kristian Winfield of the New York Daily News reported on Wednesday that the Lakers were now prepared to provide their second first round draft pick, that action may have finally taken place. If the speculations are accurate, this choice won’t be shocking.


Written by GMS

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