Linda Livingstone Elected Chair of the Board of Governors

Linda A. Livingstone, Ph.D., president of Baylor University, was chosen today to serve as board chair of the NCAA Board of Governors, which convened on Tuesday for the first time under its new structure. Former California University of Pennsylvania volleyball player Madeleine McKenna was chosen to serve as the student-athlete voting representative.


Livingstone stated that it was an honor to be picked by the board to serve as group leader at such a significant juncture in collegiate sports history. “We are at a turning point when we have the chance to reshape the Association and steer clear of the changes happening in all three divisions. The NCAA is now conducting a search for its new leader. This smaller board’s work will be essential in establishing how we should proceed.”

President Livingstone’s leadership has given her and Baylor the chance to participate in the national dialogue about higher education and intercollegiate athletics. She has emerged as one of the country’s most recognized voices for American higher education and the role of faith-based colleges. One of the nine members of the Board who could vote was President Livingstone.


Written by GMS

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