MLB News: A.J. Hinch Speaks on Astros’ Sign Stealing Controversy For First Time

Former Houston Astros’ manager A.J. Hinch looks like he has gained more grey hair than even me in the last couple months.

For the first time, he’s talking publicly about the Astros’ sign-stealing controversy. He does so with MLB Network’s Tom Verducci. Have a look at the segment below:

Tom Verducci asks Hinch if the 2017 World Series won by the Astros is ‘tainted’. Here’s what Hinch says.

“It’s a fair question and I think everyone will have to draw their own conclusion. I hope over time and with the demonstration with the talents of this team and the careers that are being had. I hope over time it’s proven that it wasn’t, but I understand the question. It’s a fair question and people will need to draw their own conclusions. Unfortunately we opened that door as a group. That question may never be answered, we may never know. We are going to have to live and move forward and be better in the sport. Unfortunately, I can’t pinpoint what advantages or what happened or what would have happened otherwise. But we did it to ourselves.”

Certainly Hinch is feeling the wrath of living with with stigma now, even with the ring he gets to look at every day. It remains to be seen how history will truly remember the Astros from the Hinch era.

Written by Clint Evans

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