NFL News: Texans Trade DeAndre Hopkins to Arizona

The Houston Texans are trading their star receiver.


With the opening of the tampering period in the NFL also comes the rumor mill. This is no rumor though, as Adam Schefter reports that DeAndre Hopkins has been traded from Houston to the Arizona Cardinals.

The deal is not fully announced or official yet, and it is unclear what the return will be. But when healthy, DeAndre Hopkins has proven he can be one of the most lethal receivers in all of football. The Texans have not been shy of trading star players in the past, as demonstrated with last year’s trade of Jadeveon Clowney.

The Texans could view Hopkins’ as a player in decline though, and take advantage of his positioning now. He is about to be 28-years-old and has only missed two starts in his career. That’s some miles on a guy who averages close to one-hundred receptions per season.

Hopkins caught 104 passes for 1165 yards last season as the Texans took the AFC South.


UPDATE: The return has been announced.

Cardinals get WR DeAndre Hopkins and a 4th-round pick.

The Texans get RB David Johnson, a second-round pick and a 2021 fourth-round pick.

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