NFL News: Tom Brady Turned Down in Free Agency By Childhood Team

Tom Brady reportedly will NOT be getting a free agency offer for this team.


It’s an interesting time to be Tom Brady. One of the most highly sought after free agents available right now, you would think it would be easier for him to get a job. That was not the case with his favorite childhood team though, as they will not be pursuing him. The 49ers are apparently happy with the guy they have under center this season.

It turns out that San Francisco will not even make an attempt to land Brady. That’s gotta hurt a little bit, but I have a feeling the money he makes in free agency will more than make up for that. Brady has spent his entire storied career with the New England Patriots, and few expect that to change.

Brady has made headlines seemingly every week this offseason. He has an awkward moment on a live television broadcast with Patriots teammate Julian Edelman. Edelman mouthed to the camera that Brady was coming back, and the veteran just stared him down.

Brady’s own wife even admitted she had no idea where his head was at in the decision. In an Instagram interaction with her fans, Gisele reminded us that she knew as much as we did.

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Written by Brook Smith

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