Super Bowl 53 Coin Toss Props – 2019

A coin toss is a 50/50 proposition by definition, but that doesn’t stop bettors from analyzing angles for which side of the coin will appear face up on Super Bowl Sunday. There are four props associated with the Super Bowl 53 coin toss and they will be among the first bets cashed on Sunday.

In the last 20 Super Bowls, there have been eight heads and 12 tails for the opening coin toss. Heads was the winner last year, but the four previous years were all tails. Tails has had three different streaks of four straight years in the last 20 Super Bowls, while heads had a five-year streak from Super Bowl 43 to Super Bowl 47.

Both heads and tails are -103 this year. Bettors can also predict on whether the New England Patriots will choose correctly or incorrectly. Additionally, bettors can choose whether the team that wins the coin toss will defer to the second half or receive the opening kickoff.

Finally, bettors can choose whether the Patriots will choose heads or tails. Heads is an overwhelming favorite here at -2500 because New England captain Matthew Slater likes to choose heads when he makes the call. Slater chose heads in the Patriots’ overtime victory over the Kansas City Chiefs, and he told reporters he likes to pick heads over tails because his father, Jackie Slater, liked to pick heads when he played for the Los Angeles Rams during his career.

New England will be the away team for the Super Bowl, so they will be in charge of calling heads or tails. The -2500 for heads is steep, so bettors might look for the other three props to cash in a winning ticket.

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Coin Toss Landing Position

Heads -103

Tails -103

Coin Toss Call Outcome

Correct -103

Wrong -103

Team Will Call Which Side of Coin?

Heads -2500

Tails +800

What Will Team That Wins Coin Toss Choose?

Defer to 2nd Half – 115      Receive Kickoff -115

Super Bowl 53 Coin Toss Props - 2019
Article Name
Super Bowl 53 Coin Toss Props - 2019
Super Bowl 53 Coin Toss Props - 2019

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