Thanksgiving Football: Turkey Day NFL Picks For All Games

Three games, Three Winners, in honor of a Football Holiday

First off, Happy Thanksgiving! Already, we have brought you the greatest game played on Turkey Day and perhaps otherwise.

Now, it’s time to get down to the real brass tax. Of course the NFL slate today features three games for your viewing enjoyment. At least for me, watching football on this day was a part of my upbringing that brings back the best of memories. It’s hard not to get a little nostalgic about Barry Sanders or Michael Irvin with the Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys in action on Turkey day.

Then with the NFL adding the late Thanksgiving Day game somewhere in the early 2000’s – tallying it all up – it just meshes well.

Therefore, let’s give some predictions for the three Thanksgiving Day NFL games of 2019. Three games, three winners; and to do so we channel Jimmy the Greek. Obviously, Greek was the greatest NFL gambler of all-time.

Now for the games and scores.

Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions (12:30 PM ET)

The day starts off with the Lions (3-7-1) hosting the Bears (5-6) right about the time you preheat the oven. Equally important, Detroit will start a guy no one has ever heard of by the name of David Blough in place of injured back-up Jeff Driskel.

Obviously this one is pretty straight forward. I gave the Lions little-to-no chance of winning this game with Driskell. In fact, they would struggle with Joe Montana in his prime at the helm. The Bears are a +3 in turnover ratio this season and were supposed to have a great defense. While they have been alright, they will shine to start your Thanksgiving.

Bears 35, Lions 3

Buffalo Bills at Dallas Cowboys (4:30 PM ET)

While rumors are swirling all over about the Dallas Cowboys’ franchise and future at head coach, they have a solid opponent coming to town on Turkey Day. The Cowboys are just 1-7 in their last eight Thanksgiving Day games, which is porous.

Most people will look at the Bills’ 4-1 road record and say ‘that’s a pretty good road team’, which they have been thus far. However, the Cowboys finally respond to the smelling salts on this Thanksgiving.

The truth is the Cowboys are very skilled, and while problematic at times; they will feature Ezekiel Elliot plenty in this one. Elliot seems like he hasn’t had a game where he explodes, but has 919 yards on the ground thus far. Indeed, look for him to have his best game of the season.

Jason Garrett is like Rasputin. Go read the story of Rasputin sometime, you just can’t get rid of him this easily. He’s a victory over an 8-3 team away from another vote of confidence, I’m sure. And he will get it on this day.

Dallas 31, Bills 20

New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons (8:20 ET)

The 9-2 New Orleans Saints visit the 3-8 Atlanta Falcons in another game that seemed nice on paper at the beginning of the year, but has quickly turned into wastepaper. However, Atlanta can be spry on a given night. The Saints score 24.7 points per game, and everyone thinks that they have an incredible offense; this is not actually the case. Simply a very good offense with some big names and elite weapons. Notably, their defense is stout and allows only 88 yards on the ground per game.

By comparison, the Falcons score 22 points a game. The difference here is that the Falcons defense has let them down, allowing 27 points per game and almost 400 yards in total offense on average to their opponent.

We aren’t here to give you paralysis by analysis. Still, we suggest that the Falcons can absolutely score with the Saints. This will be a more competitive game than you think, and the Atlanta defense will do enough to keep it close until late.

Saints 26, Falcons 20

Now, go get ready for your Turkey nap and enjoy the games! We are very thankful for all of you.

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