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Top Posts on Ted Ginn Jr., an NFL Draft Lottery and More

Ted Ginn Jr. made headlines yesterday when he announced that he would be willing to race anyone for $10,000. Ginn insists he is still the fastest player in the NFL, even though he is now 34, and he made it sound like he would be willing to take on all comers. High school track phenom Matthew Boling is ready to put Ginn to the test after blowing away the competition at the Texas 6A state championship in April. Boling became the first high school athlete to break 10 seconds in the 100 meter dash at the event and overcame a 30 meter deficit to lead his team to a state title in the 4×400 relay. He would probably dust Ginn, but it seems unlikely that the veteran wide receiver would agree to race the high schooler.

The NFL Draft has been roasted repeatedly for this tweet on Wednesday afternoon. It was likely a little tongue in cheek after the commotion over the results of the NBA Draft Lottery, but that didn’t stop users from ratioing the tweet like an unpopular political opinion.

Predicting scores in weekly previews has been bashed by Deadspin and other sites in the past, so you can only imagine what will happen with this tweet from Mike Clay. Clay was sure to point out that these were projections and not predictions, but the ratio on this tweet keeps rising and will probably continue to next week.

It’s pretty interesting (and telling) that all five quarterbacks taken in the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft are now in two divisions. The NFL has asked which one of the five starters will win the most games in 2019, and it looks like the Browns’ hype train continues to run in overdrive as Baker Mayfield has been the runaway choice.

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