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Zion Williamson competes in his 100th NBA game

The New Orleans Pelicans defeated the visiting Oklahoma City Thunder 105-101 on Monday night, with Zion Williamson playing his 100th NBA game in the process. Williamson scored the game-winning and-1 in the waning seconds. His professional life has taken off like lightning. Even though you don’t frequently see him, he is amazing when you do.


Given that he was selected in 2019 and has never played in an NBA playoff game, it’s one of the most dominant 100-game starts in league history, which is saying a lot. However, the data is accurate. Since Michael Jordan in the mid-80s, he has scored 100 career points, which ranks him as the NBA player with the 10th-most points through 100 games. None of the previous eight players before Jordan have played for more than 50 years. Williamson is executing actions that haven’t been taken for years.

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