Beginning in 2023, the NCAA will expand the D1 women’s championship to 3 teams

The NCAA Division I Women’s Golf Championship is getting bigger and bigger. The NCAA announced on Monday that there will be 27 teams competing in the national championship starting in 2019, up from the previous 24 teams. 10% of men’s and women’s teams are now moving on to the finals venue after the decision was taken to give an equitable championship access ratio for Division I men’s and women’s golf. For the championship, the men’s field consists of 30 teams.


According to Bradford Hurlbut, chair of the Division I women’s golf committee, “it is crucial to give our student-athletes as many participation chances as we can.” Up to an additional 18 worthy women’s golf student-athletes will have the chance to compete in the national championship finals with an additional three teams qualifying for the finals venue, which is a significant milestone for the sport of women’s golf and the tournament.


Written by GMS

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