Anthony Edwards issues an apology for a hurtful social media message

Anthony Edwards, a guard with the Minnesota Timberwolves, has issued an apology for his recent homophobic social media remark. A person appears to be inside a car with the window partially down while recording a small group of males standing together from a distance on his Instagram story, which was captured and shared by others before it was removed. Hugs between several of the males. “Look at these queer a** n***ers”, a voice can be heard saying.


Edwards apologized profusely on his verified Twitter account on Sunday for his “mature, cruel, and disrespectful” words. “There is absolutely no justification for me or anybody else using those words in such a harmful manner. I was raised better than that!”

According to league spokesman Mike Bass, the NBA is “reviewing the situation.” The league has not yet released an official comment.


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