Adam Greene

Adam Greene is a writer and photographer based out of East Tennessee. His work has appeared in USA Today, the Associated Press, the Chicago Cubs Vineline Magazine, and many other publications.

Super Bowl LIII: 3 Reasons the Los Angeles Rams Will Win

Let’s not kid ourselves. The New England Patriots are a mortal team, just like every other in the NFL. While they have won five Super Bowls, their first three are hardly without scrutiny as any NFL fan outside of the Boston metropolitan area will gladly attest. In their five Super Bowl appearances since SpyGate blew up, they’re 2-3 and should …

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Super Bowl 2019 Props: Will Floyd Mayweather Bet a Million Dollars?

Floyd Mayweather is famous for being one of the greatest boxers of all time, but the man didn’t just earn his nickname “Money” because of his skills in the ring. No, Mayweather likes a friendly wager from time to time and his bets can get very friendly indeed. There’s little doubt that Mayweather will toss out some large cash on …

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