Friday, January 19, 2018

Adam Greene

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Black Monday Head Coach Body Count Part 1

No move can improve your team faster than shedding an under-performing head coach. Far too few NFL teams took advantage of that fact so far, with, as of this writing, only five former head coaches joining Ben McAdoo atop the trash heap of history.

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New Year’s Eve Mock Draft 1.0 Part 3

At last we've arrived at the end of our New Year's Eve NFL Mock Draft here at Get More Sports. I hope you have a safe and fun holiday with your family. For your team's sake, I hope they either listen to me here, or ignore me completely.

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New Year’s Eve Mock Draft 1.0 Part 2

We're continuing our prognostications for the 2018 NFL Draft with Part Two of the New Year's Eve Mock Draft. So read this while you drunkenly celebrate the ball dropping and the end of the 2017. 

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New Year’s Eve Mock Draft 1.0 Part 1

Happy New Year! As a reward for making it through 2017, and it wasn't always easy, here's your first Get More Sports Mock Draft to prepare you for the off-season. 

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2017 NFL Pro Bowl: Who Got Snubbed? Part 3

We're wrapping up our indignant articles about NFL Pro Bowl snubs right here with the NFC defense and special teams units. 

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2017 NFL Pro Bowl: Who Got Snubbed? Part 2

With a slight breather as offered by a day full of NCAA Football Bowl Games, we can get back at pointing our accusatory fingers at fan and player voting and any obvious snubs in the NFL Pro Bowl rosters.

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Packers Keep Adams and Linsley In The Fold

Just because the Green Bay Packers are out of the playoff race doesn't mean they're not putting in the work. Friday night they decided to keep Devante Adams in the green and gold with a new four-year contract. Saturday, they did the same with center Corey Linsley with a three-year deal.

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NFL Head Coach: The Nightmare Is Real

My plan was to open this article discussing the New York Jets' decision to extend head coach Todd Bowles and general manager Mike Maccagnan's contracts, but then news broke like a Looney Tunes anvil hitting Wile E Coyote, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are keeping head coach Dirk Koetter in 2018.

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Friday Afternoon Quarterback: NFL Week 17

Here we are, the final week of the NFL season and we're blessed with plenty of games with playoff implications to switch back and forth between on your NFL Sunday Ticket subscription. As for the games that don't concern the postseason, there's still plenty of intrigue as teams make important decisions on their coaching staffs and a handful of young quarterbacks either get their first starts, or solidify their positions.

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2017 NFL Pro Bowl: Who Got Snubbed? Part 1

When the NFL announced the Pro Bowl rosters a week ago, it happened right in the midst of Christmas and Bowl season. If they think they got away with their annual popularity contest without a comment or two, they were mistaken.

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