Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Adam Greene

Adam Greene is a sportswriter, photographer and humorist. You can email him (and you should) at adamgreenetfm@gmail.com

2018 NFL Odds: Los Angeles Rams Season Win Total

Los Angeles Rams NFL Win Totals

What a difference hiring the right head coach can make. A year after the Los Angeles Rams shocked the NFL by locking in former Washington Redskins offensive coordinator Sean McVay, they're one of the recognized best teams in the league. Frankly, it could have had just as much to do with dumping Jeff Fisher. 

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2018 NFL Odds: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Season Win Total

Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL Win Totals

Seemingly to everyone's surprise, even mine, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers took one of the youngest and most loaded rosters in the league and dunked it right into a bus station toilet in 2017. Even though he earned a good canning. Dirk Koetter is back in 2018 so don't be shocked to see more of the same. 

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2018 NFL Odds: Atlanta Falcons Season Win Total

Atlanta Falcons NFL Win Totals

I picked the Atlanta Falcons to suffer the great grandmother twice removed of all Super Bowl hangovers last season and for a while it seemed like they were heading right to the porcelain alter to pass out next to a plunger and toilet brush. But a funny thing happened around midseason. The Falcons took a couple of Advil, drank some pickle juice, ate a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich and pulled themselves out of it. 

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2018 NFL Odds: Carolina Panthers Season Win Total

Cam Newton NFL Win Totals Carolina Panthers

If the Carolina Panthers keep their usual pattern, this will be a down year with possibly a losing record. Over the last five seasons, the Panthers have followed a winning campaign with a sub .500 effort. 

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2018 NFL Odds: New Orleans Saints Season Win Total

New Orleans Saints NFL Win Totals

After spinning their wheels under .500 for three consecutive seasons, the New Orleans Saints finally returned to prominence last year, finishing 11-5 and winning the NFC South. 

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2018 NFL Odds: Chicago Bears Season Win Total

Chicago Bears NFL Win Totals

There was nothing shocking about a 5-11 finish for the Chicago Bears in 2017. With a rookie quarterback and a roster filled with holes, five wins was actually pretty good. Still, ownership made the right call in sending head coach John Fox packing, replacing him with former Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Matt Nagy. 

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2018 NFL Odds: Green Bay Packers Season Win Total

Green Bay Packers NFL Win Totals

We're about to watch another year in Aaron Rodgers' precious career wasted as the Green Bay Packers made the stupid decision to not even consider firing head coach Mike McCarthy.

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2018 NFL Odds: Detroit Lions Season Win Total

Detroit Lions NFL Win Totals

There's been plenty of news surrounding the Detroit Lions this offseason and none of it good. New head coach Matt Patricia had to respond to an old sexual assault allegation from 1996. Now, that seems to have run its course if my Googling is any indication, but make no mistake. If Patricia slips up at all this season in Detroit, he'll be sent packing. 

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2018 NFL Odds: Minnesota Vikings Season Win Total

Dalvin Cook Kirk Cousins Minnesota Vikings NFL Win Totals

Everybody is sleeping on the Minnesota Vikings. This was, unquestionably the second best team in the NFC last season and possibly the third best team in the NFL. They did nothing but upgrade an already loaded team, specifically withe addition of Kirk Cousins at quarterback. 

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2018 NFL Odds: New York Giants Season Win Total

New York Giants NFL Win Totals

A new, more glorious dawn awaits for the New York Giants. Gone is Ben McAdoo, the worst head coach in the history of the organization since Ray Handley. In his place is Pat Shurmur, who actually turned Case Keenum into a decent quarterback with the Minnesota Vikings. What will he do with Eli Manning and the weapons in place in New York?

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