Flyers News: Philadelphia Mascot Gritty Cleared of Criminal Charges

Undeniably, I am not sure there is an NHL mascot more well-known then Gritty; the beloved whatever he is of the Philadelphia Flyers.

This post is for Gritty.

Allegedly, the famous Flyers mascot punched a 13-year-old boy during a Nov 19 event at the Fargo Center. Now, law officials have cleared the furry mascot of any wrongdoing during that event.

Here is what Philadelphia Police say regarding the event, which was initially reported about in January by the Philadelphia Inquirer.

“That investigation, which has been completed and is no longer active, determined that the actions of the individual portraying the Flyers’ mascot did not constitute physical assault as alleged.”

Furthermore, the organization released a statement on Gritty; who has not been officially referred to by his real name by them or anyone else.

“We are pleased that the Philadelphia Police Department concluded there was no merit to the alleged claim. The police department’s statement confirms our thorough internal investigation that found no evidence of the described actions ever having taken place.”

Apparently a season ticket holder says that Gritty was tapped on the head by his 13-year old son back in November. Then, he says that the mascot made a fist and took a running start before punching his son. Chiropractor records revealed a back bruise and were given to police.

Obviously this is an odd and strange story, but witness accounts must support the fact that Gritty is a little more reserved then his home fan base. Hopefully, he keeps a clean nose from here.

Written by Clint Evans

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