Chiefs News: Patrick Mahomes Tweeted About This Moment 7 Years Ago

Finally, Mahomes is at the Magic Castle

First and foremost, Patrick Mahomes broke the much heralded ‘Madden Curse’. To my knowledge, he’s the first athlete on the cover of the video game to be on a Super Bowl winning squad.

Then, the really cool stuff came true when the Chiefs won the Super Bowl last night 31-20 over the San Francisco 49ers.

Indeed, 2,553 days ago; Mahomes tweeted that he would like to go to Disney someday as the Super Bowl winning quarterback. And now, he’s at the park as we speak.

Immediately following the game, Mahomes said the words that have become equal parts cliché and famous following a win on Super Bowl Sunday. Furthermore, Disney’s official twitter account captured the moment and congratulated the MVP of the game:

And as Darren Rovell points out, it’s nothing short of amazing that Mahomes tweeted about this almost seven years to the day, and then it came true for him.

I guess the take-home message here aside from the cool foreshadowing of kid version Mahomes’ tweet is what Rovell says, it’s never wrong to dream. I can’t think of an example in sports that points towards this notion more than what this post is about.

Finally, think of all the adversity and hours of determination that Mahomes overcame to make this possible. Even this season, it looked like he would be denied due to a near gruesome injury. Several times during the playoffs, the Chiefs trailed by overwhelming deficits.

All the while, Mahomes kept his cool head about him and just did his thing. Now he’s living his dream from his childhood days. Stuff like this is what sports should be all about.

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