LeBron is compelled to retract comments about a WNBA star’s horror in Russia

NBA player LeBron James questioned Brittney Griner’s desire to return to America after such a lengthy absence and criticized US efforts to bring her home. But soon after those remarks went public, James felt compelled to explain.

It was mentioned that Griner has been detained in Russia since February, only days before Russian soldiers invaded Ukraine, in a 30-second promo for his YouTube chat show. “Now, how can she believe that America is on her side?” stated James. “I would wonder if I even wanted to return to America in a situation like that.”

James responded to criticism by apologizing for his remarks on Twitter. “My criticism of Brittney Griner wasn’t directed against our lovely nation,” James wrote, “I was only expressing how she’s probably feeling emotionally within the cage she’s been in for over 100+ days along with so many other emotions, ideas, etc.” After admitting guilt to narcotics possession, Griner is still being held in a Russian jail.


Written by Eren Kilic

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