MLB News: DJ LeMahieu Returns to New York Yankees on Long-Term Deal

The Yankees get their man in DJ.


The New York Yankees seemed like for a minute there, they would lose one of their most valuable free-agents. Among all MLB players up for grabs, DJ LeMahieu was at the top of the list for many GM’s, including the Dodgers and Blue Jays.

Luckily for the Yankees, they were able to work out a deal with LeMahieu and his agent. The contract will be for 6-years and will be worth $90 million. That brings the annual average to $15 million to help the Yankees keep down costs and to limit the annual average that counts against salary tax.

The length also allows for DJ to get the money that he was hoping for, as the Yankees were previously off by a reported $25 million in previous offers. And it will probably turn out to be a good move for the Yankees for at least 4 years, as the 32-year-old second baseman just led MLB in batting average by hitting .364.

The Blue Jays had reportedly offered DJ $78 million over 4 years for a higher annual average, but DJ took the contract with more money to likely wrap up his career. The Dodgers were also reported to make an offer at the same annual average as the Yankees but at a much shorter length.

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Written by Brook Smith

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