NFL News: Jacksonville Jaguars Hire Ohio State’s Urban Meyer as Head Coach

Meyer is heading down to Florida.


The NFL often looks to the collegiate level to poach talent for coaching positions around the league. However, it’s not every day that a National Championship winning coach moves on from college and into the league, as Head Coaching jobs are really the only next step.

Fortunately for the Jacksonville Jaguars, they do have a need for a head coach. The Jaguars will be hiring Urban Meyer as their next head coach. Meyer had been discussing the possibility of taking over the Chargers organization, but Jacksonville stood out. Meyer liked the appeal of having the number 1 overall pick with plenty of cap space and endless picks.

Meyer last coached for the Ohio State Buckeyes in the 2018 season before opting for retirement. He had previously said that it was for health reasons, though there were other factors. Meyer was suspended by Ohio State at the start of 2018 for failing to uphold the values of the university when it was revealed he had known about spousal abuse on his coaching staff.

The Jaguars are coming off of a season in which they finished 1-15 and will get the first pick in the draft. As a result, head coach Doug Marrone was fired from the team, finishing with a record of 25-44 in his time with Jacksonville. The Jags became the 4th team in NLF history to win their opener and proceed to lose the rest of the season.

The Meyer hiring signals that the Jaguars are evidently fed up with losing out, after making the playoffs as recently as 2017. That was the year that Jacksonville beat the Bills and the Steelers before falling to the Patriots in the AFC Championship game.

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Written by Brook Smith

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