MLB News: Player’s Issue Strong Statement to Owners, League Gets Ready, and More

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MLB and it’s owners went back and forth for a few days with the player’s union trying to get a financial deal done. After essentially being offered the same deal framed three different ways, the MLBPA issued a very strong statement to the league. Let’s check in on some more news from around the league.

Top News This Week

  • Things got off to a positive start this week when MLB commissioner guaranteed that baseball would be back in 2020. Unfortunately, it’s seeming more and more likely that the number of games will be limited due to the two sides unable to come together on the details of a financial agreement.
  • The MLBPA officially rejected the owner’s latest proposal submitted earlier this week. That offer set up the potential of a longer season but would pay out only 70 percent of the prorated salaries expected by players. The player’s union also said that it would no longer negotiate with the league, and advised MLB to let them know when games would be starting by Monday.
  • In other news, the Yankees are once again coming under fire in an intense cheating scandal case. This week, a New York judge ordered a letter sent from the league to the Yankees to be released, with some information regarding names in the letter to be removed. The letter allegedly could cause “significant reputational injury” which leads many to believe there was something serious happening in New York.
  • The very shortened MLB draft went off without a hitch this week, in a first run that saw ASU’s Spencer Torkelson go to the Detroit Tigers with the first overall pick. The draft was cut down to just five rounds this year, with undrafted players able to sign for around $20,000 with any team after the draft.

Social News

Gary Sheffield shared his experiences with racial injustice and police brutality in 1986 and 2015. Please take the time to read what the former big league star has been through.

Recent Cubs’ draft pick Ed Howard is already feeling right at home in Chicago. The young star has a role model in Tim Anderson, who plays for the crosstown White Sox.

Just ahead of the start of the second round of the MLB draft, we were reminded of the many star power names that went in the second through fifth rounds.

And finally, just watch this video of Indians’ outfielder Delino DeShields.

All of that news and more, this week in MLB! Check back weekly with GMS Sports for the most up-to-date information on your favorite sports.

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