MLB: Trevor Bauer Thinks This Hiatus Won’t Stop Astros Hate


There are plenty of things to be concerned about during this strange time in the world. Sports are not the absolute most important thing right now, but they’re certainly a needed distraction. The good news is that most people don’t think this long break from baseball will keep fans from hating the Astros.

There has been an increasing narrative lately that this untimely narrative has really benefitted the Houston Astros. And why not? If there are not any games being played, it makes it hard to make their lives miserable. But Trevor Bauer, a notorious Astros hater and pitcher for the Reds, thinks that fans will not soon forget what they did to baseball.

There you have it folks, Bauer thinks baseball fans aren’t going to let this one go.

Baseball fans are very good at having long-term memories. it’s probably the sport with the most history and the most stats behind it and all that. Fans don’t forget too easily.

S the answer is no, the Astros will not get off easy! Fans will no doubt continue to make lives terrible…whenever sports come back.

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Written by Brook Smith


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