NBA News: The Last Dance Premieres, Schedule Return Scenarios, Pay Cuts, and More!

The latest news from around the NBA this week!


The NBA was abuzz with the premiere of the Michael Jordan documentary this last weekend. The Last Dance made its introduction to the world, as players around the league reacted to the start of the series. We’ll get to those reactions a little bit later, but first, the news!

Top News This Week

  • The NBA’s Adam Silver continues to insist that there are no real plans in place to get the season moving. While reports have surfaced, Silver has said there is no timetable, and that there are far too many unknowns at the moment.
  • Speaking of the plans to return, one report suggests that the league is looking into a ‘bubble arena‘ type of atmosphere similar to what has been suggested to in NHL rumors. The idea could work in theory, but there are plenty of things that would need to happen very quickly in order to get it done.
  • Without games being played, the NBA has agreed to terms with the player’s union on how to get players paid out. According to the agreement, players will have 25 percent of their paychecks withheld starting on May 15th. The May 1st checks will be paid in full as expected, but this gives the league more wiggle room should the season be called off entirely.
  • Jalen Green is making the change over to a revamped G-League program that will pay out elite prospects $500 or more and act as a one-year development program. This would operate outside of the traditional method of minor league development and could potentially pave the way for more young talent in the NBA.


Social News

Michael Jordan was the talk of the entire league this week with the premiere of The Last Dance. Check out one of my personal favorite clips from one of the first episodes that aired this past Sunday.

Damian Lillard reacts to The Last Dance on Twitter.

Dwyane Wade reacts to The Last Dance on Twitter.

Rudy Gobert reacts to the unsung hero in The Last Dance.

All of that news and more, this week in the NBA! Check back weekly with GMS Sports for the most up-to-date information on your favorite sports.

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