NBA News: Russell Westbrook and Bojan Bogdanovic Named Players of the Week

Utah Jazz NBA Bojan Bogdanovic

As we head quickly towards teh NBA playoff start, each and every game starts to mean a little bit more. A few teams are still fighting near the bottom of the standings, but the Jazz are looking to keep their top spot.

So it makes sense that Bojan Bogdanovic had an incredible week with the Jazz. The veteran small forward put up 48 points against the Nuggets on Friday night, including 8 made from beyond the arc. Bogdanovic scored a total of 117 points in 4 games this week, as well as 13 3-pointers.

On the Eastern Conference side of things, Russell Westbrook took home the honors. Westbrook and the Wizards are fighting to keep a playoff position at the number 9 seed. Westbrook put up 33 points against the Pacers on Saturday in a huge win.

As we enter the final week of games in the NBA, there are a few teams fighting to stay alive in the playoff hunt. The Lakers winning against the Suns drastically bumped up their odds, even without the help of some key players.

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Written by Brook Smith


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