NBPA Respond to Kyrie Irving’s Predicament

Due to Irving’s position on the COVID-19 vaccination, he made headlines last season, and as a result, he was declared unable to participate for the duration of the 2021–22 season. As a result of a shared tweet promoting the antisemitic book and movie “Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America,” Irving has now been placed on indefinite suspension by the team.


The NBPA president and current New Orleans Pelicans guard CJ McCollum recently addressed the media and made it obvious that Kyrie had made a mistake and that the players are working together to go forward.

According to McCollum, who spoke to the media, “We’ve had a lot of discussion on this topic over the week, and we feel that it’s important to stand back and give significant analysis before moving. I believe it’s critical for me to keep learning more, but it’s also crucial for me to let events play out as they naturally would.”


Written by GMS

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