NCAA Championships Will Continue with Timed Relay Finals

The timed relays will remain in place for the next 2023 NCAA Championships, according to the NCAA. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the NCAA decided to implement a rule that required every team to swim a relay only during the timed finals and not during the preliminary rounds. Because there were free lanes between relays at the first championships held following the pandemic’s peak, fewer swimmers were on the pool deck as a result.


Last year’s timed relay finals were carried over into this year, and they will likely become a tradition going forward. While there were fewer swimmers competing in relays and on the pool deck as a whole, the format and tactics for those events were drastically altered. Teams can no longer switch lineups or enter the finals in unconventional ways. Any team from any heat may place in the top eight and win the competition in the timed final.


Written by GMS

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