NCAA Football News: Michigan Loses Citrus Bowl, Jim Harbaugh On The Ropes As Coach

Harbaugh has been horrible with Wolverines in any game that matters

Undeniably, the Citrus Bowl was a big game for the Michigan Wolverines. Holding an early 16-14 lead, they were right there.

Then it unraveled. Jim Harbaugh allowed an Alabama Crimson Tide team that was less-talented to blow out his squad 35-16.

Therefore, how bad has Harbaugh been at Michigan since taking over? Take a look at this:

Following the game, Harbaugh was his usual macabre, odd self. Someone asked a question that needed to be asked, like why can’t he ever win a big game. It’s a worthwhile question, really. And Harbaugh said he would answer questions, but not insults. Video of that is below.

By comparison, the Minnesota Golden Gophers won 31-24 against an SEC team (Auburn). They’re a motivated and well-coached squad.

Harbaugh continues to flounder and should probably be fired. As you look back at his resume, what has the guy really won? He carries the reputation of ‘big time coach’ but has little that he’s accomplished to back that up.

Admittedly I fell for the Harbaugh trap today. While the Wolverines were touchdown underdogs against an Alabama squad resting a few defensive players, I thought they would finally win a big game against a team that was chronically overrated and exposed a few times this season.

Once again, Harbaugh managed to get out-foxed by a better program. The guy needs to go home with his weird quirks and call it a day.


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  1. The was a large talent and certainly coaching difference in the game. Alabama decided to be aggressive on defense and Michigan’s offense got exposed. Does Michigan have the same level of talent as Alabama, no. But that is no reason that Michigan’s experienced offensive line could not half success once Alabama took the game seriously in the second half.Michigan needs a change and fast.

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