NCAA Football News: The Strange But True Tale of O.J. Simpson’s Heisman Trophy

With the Heisman Trophy Presentation happening on Saturday evening, ESPN has upped their game with some good editorials about former Heisman winners. Yesterday, we pointed you in the direction of a must-read piece about former Colorado Buffalo Rashaan Saalam.

Today, ESPN is talking a little about the hardware of the trophy itself; and the person is O.J. Simpson.

While you can imagine – any tale involve Los Angeles and O.J. Simpson that hasn’t been told is probably worth a quick click. Now, mix in the most famous trophy in sports and factor in that it bounced around Los Angeles for 21 years before being tracked down.

Assuredly, you will like this read leading up to the festivities on Saturday night. For example, take this excerpt from early in the story and give it a read:

The two most infamous versions of sport’s most famous trophy currently sit 2,700 miles apart. The trophy that was once believed to be lost forever is now back at USC, in nearly the same spot from where it was snatched away in 1994. Meanwhile, the trophy that was once the centerpiece of Simpson’s home and then the centerpiece of a sprawling legal battle might never be seen again, stuffed away in a Pennsylvania bank vault.

And that is just to wet the appetite and get us started on the tale. Before reading this, I had heard talk of the famous travels and happenings of Simpson’s Heisman trophy. Now, we will all know the full story. I am glad I stumbled upon this series by ESPN.

Written by Clint Evans

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