NCAA regulations prohibit collegiate basketball players from making money

Perhaps the only collegiate basketball team in the country with an in-house NIL agent is the Denver Pioneers. Due to his international status, Denver guard Carlos Fuentes, a native of Spain, is unable to profit from the majority of NIL transactions. However, he is making the most of the situation by serving as an agent for his colleagues and gaining great professional experience in the process.


The University of Denver’s expansive campus is directly across the street from Saucy’s Southern BBQ, where Fuentes earlier this week negotiated a deal for three of his colleagues. Because of their social media savvy and outgoing personalities, Fuentes chose Pioneers redshirt freshman guard Ben Bowen, junior guard Tommy Bruner, and sophomore guard Tevin Smith to represent the restaurant during the academic year. Although Fuentes does not receive compensation for negotiating contracts on behalf of his colleagues, he claims that this is an ideal chance for him to further his career while also assisting his group in progressing.


Written by GMS

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