NFL News: Julio Jones Narrows Down The Quarterback He Wants to Play With

Richard Sherman and Julio Jones meet again.

Whenever the move is made, the Julio Jones trade will be one of the biggest moves of the NFL offseason. It’s been in the works for months, dating back to before the draft as Atlanta tried to move him. But it is inevitable at this point that the Falcons will flip the star receiver somewhere before the regular season kicks off.

Jones might have narrowed down the list of team that they could trade with this week in a comment made about QB’s. He hinted that not only would he like to play for a contender, but Jones also wants a strong arm at the signal-caller position.

The speedy and elusive wideout wants a guy back there slinging them down the field and over the heads of defensive backs. Jones wants the opportunity to fly by guys and get under the ball way down the field. He’s lacked that ability in Atlanta with an aging Matt Ryan.

The Patriots have been discussed as a trade option given their need at receiver and salary cap flexibility. But they don’t really have that big arm that Jones would like to play under on his next team. Cam Newton is no longer than guy ranking near the bottom in most passing statistics in 2020 with New England.

The Chargers’ Justin Herbert could be an intriguing option, given they also have the cap space to get a deal done. Herbert is also one of the stronger arms in the NFL, and he’s looking to build on an already impressive rookie campaign that saw him thrust into action.

Could he head over to Green Bay and play alongside Aaron Rodgers? The cap space says no. But we should see some movement soon with the June 1st deadline passing.

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Written by Brook Smith


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