Oilers News: WATCH This Insane Connor McDavid Goal Against Maple Leafs

Typically we only show an NHL goal if the goaltender is completely undressed. When the Edmonton Oilers’ superstar center Connor McDavid scores on the Toronto Maple Leafs on Monday night, that’s exactly what happens.

The goal was McDavid’s 24th of the season, and the Oilers won the game 6-4 in Toronto. Take a look at this beauty – and remember – McDavid seems to shine when a game is on national television. Indeed, this game was on NBC Sports network.

Now at 23-17-5, the Oilers need every single win to remain in the NHL playoff chase after a hot start. By comparison, the Toronto Maple Leafs are in a similar position at 24-15-5 and sputtering. The odds are that one of these captivating teams with superstar young players won’t make the playoffs.

In terms of viewing talent, and remember the Leafs have Auston Matthews and a host of other great young players; that’s a shame.

When these two teams hook up, this is the type of ‘wow’ moments you can expect. That’s why NBC Sports put two Canadian teams on NBC Sports. And that’s why we are again here writing about some insane goal where McDavid gave the goalie no chance.

He’s second in the sport in points. Go ahead and treat yourself to another watch of that dangle folks. McDavid is the Michael Jordan of hockey.

Written by Clint Evans

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