Bradshaw Piles On Ehlinger, Iowa Releases All-Gold Uniforms

What did Sam Ehlinger do to deserve all this criticism? Last week, Baker Mayfield joined a sports talk radio show in Norman to talk trash about Sam Ehlinger and the Texas Longhorns. Ehlinger was again slighted yesterday when Terry Bradshaw dismissed him while talking to the media at Louisiana Tech.

Mayfield’s comments at least make some sense. Mayfield was lashing out at the Texas hype we hear every offseason, and he would experience it firsthand before the Red River Showdown. Bradshaw’s comments make a lot less sense. Louisiana Tech opens its season against Texas, and he was seemingly trying to rally up the fan base of his alma mater. This wasn’t the best way to go about it though, especially because Louisiana Tech is likely to get killed in that game.

Uniform hype is a real thing. I’ve never understood it, but certain segments of every fanbase get incredibly excited when new uniforms are announced or released, and it’s even become a featured segment on college football shows. Iowa released a new look yesterday, as the Hawkeyes plan to play in all-gold uniforms for the first time in their long history on October 12. The Hawkeyes will be hosting Penn State that day, and their success that day will likely determine whether we see the uniforms again.

Finally, the Democratic debates are now over after two long nights that featured 20 different candidates taking the stage. We’ve never seen so many candidates vying to be president, and there are others that have announced their candidacy but didn’t have the support needed to take the stage. Social media was on fire during and after the debates, launching some relatively unknown candidates into the collective consciousness, but ESPN’s Mina Kimes had a college football related take. UCF fans have made no secret of their disdain for the current system, as any of them are wont to tell you know if you talk to a Knights fan for more than five minutes.

Written by Jonathan Willis

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