The Gronkcast: Inside the NFL Episode 12

Week 8 of the NFL season is upon us, but we can’t truly move on from Week 7 until Chris and Glenn Gronkowski toss in their two cents on the Gronkcast, exclusive to GetMoreSports.

There’s plenty on tap for the Gronk brothers with a recap of Week 7, thoughts on the Jacksonville Jaguars as well as the Oakland Raiders and their surprising trade of Amari Cooper to the Dallas Cowboys. Maybe the most shocking part of that deal is that the Raiders nabbed a first round pick.

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There is reason for much rejoicing at Casa Gronk, as Glenn hit on his bulletproof pick for Week 7, bringing his and Chris’ record for the 2018 season to a resounding 3-14. Glenn took the Indianapolis Colts at -7.5 over the Buffalo Bills and nearly doubled the Gronk’s season total.

Glenn will actually be at this week’s Monday Night Football game as his brother Rob’s team, the New England Patriots, faces off against those self same pathetic Bills.

“I’ll be up there this week … so I’ll be able to see it live!” Glenn said. “I’ll definitely not be wearing any Patriots gear, I’ll tell you that much. It’s absolutely insane when you wear any opposing team’s gear (at the Bills stadium). Especially if it’s Patriots gear. Any opposing gear at Bills Mafia stadium, it’s not going to work out well for you. They are some of the most outrageous fans. You have been warned.”

Chris tries to stall before getting into his pick from last week. He went with the San Francisco 49ers to beat the spread against the Los Angeles Rams. I agreed with him at the time and we both took the loss despite the points.

Glenn rolls right into his Bulletproof Pick for this week and, not to spoil it, but there’s plenty of reasons to agree with him.

Chris goes with an early Sunday game as his Bulletproof pick, and just like Glenn, it’s one I completely agree with. Glenn, of course, thinks everyone should just bet the opposite of Chris’ selection.

“To go 1-6 is pretty difficult if you ask me,” Glenn said. “I don’t think you could do it if you tried. I have to give you credit there for having the worst picks possible. Congratulations.”

After the picks, the two men go into their discussion on the Amari Cooper trade for the Cowboys and Raiders.

“They had to make some moves,” Chris said. “They needed a big time receiver. I don’t know if Dak (Prescott) can get the ball to him. I don’t know how much of a change it will make for that offense. It might open up the run game a little bit just having the threat of Amari Cooper there.”

Trades in the middle of the season are always a roll of the dice. It takes so long to learn a team’s playbook and mesh with the offense or defense. It’s rare for a guy to make an immediate impact. Luckily for Cooper, the Cowboys offense doesn’t exactly look like rocket science.

Before the show’s over, Chris and Glenn drop their latest Capper’s Cup picks and set you up for the full slate of NFL Week 8’s action.

The Gronkcast: Inside the NFL Episode 12
Article Name
The Gronkcast: Inside the NFL Episode 12
Week 8 of the NFL season is upon us, but we can't truly move on from Week 7 until Chris and Glenn Gronkowski toss in their two cents on the Gronkcast, exclusive to GetMoreSports.

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