Friday, August 17, 2018
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2018 America’s Got Talent Recap and Odds, Episode 3 – Golden Buzzer Used!

Here’s a recap of the America’s Got Talent auditions from this week:

The adorable Sophie starts off the show. This five-year-old cutie is singing Frank Sinatra’s ‘My Way,’ and she can just get the Golden Buzzer and go right through. LOL Simon says he wasn’t expecting that she’d sing Frank Sinatra and he wants her to date his son. Mel says she’s so cute. Of course she gets through with four votes!

Sixto and Lucia are up next and they are quick-change artists. I like quick-change artists, but I don’t think it’s a winning act, even though they were creative and used the guy and Tyra. I also don’t see Sophie as a winning act either because she’ll be outsung by other artists, but her cuteness might let her go through another round or so. They got through with four yesses.

Noah Guthrie is a YouTube star and is performing next. He was once on Glee as Roderick. Once Glee stops everything stopped and he needed to start over. I liked his voice and Howie thought he was young and unique. Mel said ‘you killed it,’ and Heidi says he has a very sexy voice. Here is his audition:

He gets through to the next round.

The hip-hop group also gets through!

The next segment talked about groups who use technology in their act, including virtual reality. The next group is called Front Pictures. Wow, that was trippy! Great show. I can see this as a show you would see in Vegas.

Ms. Trysh who has the biggest crush on Simon is singing next. She put her dreams on hold because of her big family. She has an amazing voice — along the lines of Tina Turner and Aretha. Wow! She also gets her hug from Simon. She gets her yesses and is off to the next round. I think she has the potential to win a competition, but I like when more creative acts win this show. she should be given a contract though.

Lord Nil performs a dangerous escape act with scorpions and he gets through.

Hans, international superstar is up next and apparently his talent is ‘everything.’ “I’m the Beyonce” he said. Um….interesting. Hans is funny though. This acta was a lot of fun and that’s what America’s Got Talent is all about.

The comedian Samuel Comroe who has Tourette’s Syndrome is up next. He is one of my favorite acts of the night.

Thirteen-year-old singer Courtney Hadwin gets the Golden Buzzer! It’s amazing that someone who is so shy did so well! Holy smokes! She’s Joplin reincarnated!

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