Astros News: Houston Owner Jim Crane Says Team Will Apologize For Actions At Spring Training


Finally, it looks like Houston Astros’ owner Jim Crane has spanked his team into an apology. However, it comes with a catch. That team apology won’t come until Spring Training.

While it seems logical – that’s the first time the team will be together since the unearthing of their dark secrets – it still seems hollow. In the days leading up to Crane talking to reporter Alyson Footer and others, Astros players have shown little remorse. In fact, Justin Verlander may have a faux account on twitter. By comparison, Jose Altuve says the team will be back in the World Series.

Since MLB’s sanctions came down, the Houston players have seemed to be anything but sorry. Still, here’s Crane’s statement in the video below.

First, he says his players have been drug through the coals a bit.

“The players have been beaten up a little bit. I think they have been all spread out. I saw some of the things with the guys yesterday getting interviewed. They have just kind of been advised to take it easy. When we get down to Spring Training, we’ll all get them together and they’ll come out with a strong statement as a team and apologize for what happened. Then we will move forward.”

Houston is going to face a litany of criticism on the road this season, they already have to know that. Issuing a public apology won’t do much except create more storylines. The question is, what could Houston really do in this position? And are they really sorry or regretful?

It should make for some fireworks when the grapefruit league kicks off in February.

Written by Clint Evans


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