MLB News: Mariners Will Not Get To Play Opening Series at Home Over Virus Concerns


The Seattle Mariners fans will have to wait a little while longer to watch their team play at home. It was announced today that Washington state will no longer allow larger gatherings out of fear of spreading the coronavirus. This includes Mariners games, and Major League Baseball needs to work on finding a place for them to play their games.

Washington state was hit the hardest by the coronavirus as of late. There have been over 260 reported cases of the virus, with New York being the second-highest state at 173 reported cases. The Mariners play at T-Mobile park in downtown Seattle, the heart of the metropolis portion of Washington.

With the outbreak of the virus, Major League Baseball has already started limiting access to players. The league has already barred media members and non-essential personnel from entering the clubhouses, although that is supposed to be temporary. The Mariners are one of the teams that the league briefed on the virus and ways to stay healthy this spring.

If the spread of the coronavirus keeps up as is, there is a good chance we will see more cancellations of games, or games being played without fans.

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Written by Brook Smith


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