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2018 NFL Regular Season Betting Guide: Odds, Picks and Strategies

The NFL is one of the most popular sports to wager on, and now many bettors throughout the United States can do so legally as the United States Supreme Court recently overturned the 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, which prohibited states from allowing sports gambling. NFL betting can be pretty straight forward and turn a profit if you have the right NFL Betting Guide to help you make smart football bets.

Now, states can vote on whether they want to legalize sports gambling. For bettors interested in NFL betting, the timing couldn’t be better. The NFL regular season kicks off on Thursday, Sept. 6 as the defending Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles host the Atlanta Falcons. Then, there are 17 straight Sundays full of NFL action.Bettors can find odds for every NFL game at, and new members receive a welcome bonus of up to $500. GetMoreSports will have previews, analysis and predictions for every NFL game throughout the 2018 season.

NFL History

Over the last 97 years, the NFL has been around in some capacity. The league looks much different now than it did in the first several decades. In 1967, the first Super Bowl was played as the Green Bay Packers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs. Philadelphia won its first Super Bowl in 2018 after they knocked off the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII.

When the Super Bowl era began in 1966, there were only 15 teams in the league. Now, there are 32, and they divided into eight divisions in two conferences. There are 17 weeks in the regular season. Each team plays 16 regular season games, and they have one bye week.

At the conclusion of the regular season, 12 teams make the NFL playoffs. All eight division winners automatically earn a playoff berth, and the other four spots are awarded to the Wild Card teams with the best record.

Schedules change each season, but the format is the same. For example, the Dallas Cowboys know who they will play every season for the foreseeable future, though the exact dates will obviously change.

The Cowboys play all three teams in their division, the NFC East, twice. So, that’s two games against the Washington Redskins, New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles in a home-and-away series. Additionally, the will play a specific division from the NFC that rotates every season. They also play a specific division from the AFC that rotates every year. This year, they cross with the NFC South and the AFC South.

That takes care of 14 of the games. The other two games are determined by where the Cowboys finished in their division the season before. Last year, Dallas was second in the NFC East. Furthermore, they will play the second place team from the NFC South, NFC East and NFC West. The Panthers are already on the schedule from the NFC South, but the Cowboys also play the Detroit Lions and the Seattle Seahawks.
Scheduling works the exact same way for every team in the league. It’s very formulaic and not at all like college football, where games change each season depending on contracts between teams.

In a four-year stretch, an NFL team will play every team in the league at least once.

Bye weeks begin in Week 4 and go through Week 12. Every team receives one bye week, which means they get the week off. The bye weeks are assigned when the NFL makes the schedules. Most teams prefer a bye week around the middle of the season. The majority of the teams have bye weeks from Week 7 to Week 11.

Almost every NFL game is on Sunday. However, there is a weekly game on Thursday and a weekly game on Monday. Most NFL games are on Sunday afternoons at 1 p.m. (ET) and 4:30 p.m. (ET). There is also a weekly Sunday night game on NBC. Sunday games are on CBS or FOX, while Monday Night games are on ESPN.

Betting Strategies for the NFL Regular Season

Bettors might have a strong opinion about a team before the season begins, but that team could look the exact opposite a few weeks into the season. As a bettor, you can’t be stubborn about teams just because you liked them or disliked them in the preseason.

Placing bets now for games later this season is very risky because injuries happen to every team in the league. Sure, you might like the Falcons -7.5 over the Cardinals now. But what if Matt Ryan or Julio Jones is injured? That line would certainly shift.

When wagering on the NFL, it’s always important to read as much information as possible on both teams and on the matchup itself. Something can change drastically in a day in the NFL. It’s important to carefully consider every bit of information before placing a wager.

NFL Betting Types in the Regular Season

Point Spreads

The most common way for bettors to wager on a game is by using the spread (or line). The spread informs the public which team is favored and which team is the underdog.

For the season opener between the Eagles and the Falcons, the Eagles are -4. This means if you wager on Philadelphia, they have to win by more than four points for you to win the bet. In this scenario, the Falcons are +4. If you bet on them +4, they can lose by up to three points or win outright and you win the wager.

For each line, there will be an additional number beside the spread. For instance, the Eagles might be -4 (-110). The (-110) is called the vigorish, also known as the “vig” or the “juice.” To win $100 on the Eagles -4, a bettor has to risk $110. The vig can be “even” — which means a $100 bet wins $100 — or higher. Typically, the vig for the spread of a game won’t get much higher than -160.


Betting the moneyline is the easiest NFL betting type to understand, and it might seem like the simpler way to operate for bettors. However, there are more financial risks involved with betting the moneyline.

If you bet the moneyline, you’re simply picking the team you think will win the game. There are no spreads involved. You just pick the team you think will win outright.

For the matchup between the Eagles and the Falcons, the Eagles are around -190 on the moneyline. To win that same $100 , you would have to risk $190. It’s a bit more expensive, but you also don’t have to worry about Philadelphia winning by a certain amount of points.

If you liked Atlanta to win outright, you could wager on them on the moneyline at about +180. In that case, a $100 bet would win $180. Again, it’s riskier because they’re four point underdogs and they have to win the game outright. But not every favorite is going to win in the NFL.


Perhaps a bettor doesn’t like a particular side in a matchup. There are other types of wagers available, and the total is a popular bet in NFL games. Just as every game has a spread, it also has a total.

The total is how many points both teams combine to score throughout the game. If the total for the Eagles and Falcons is 48, you can bet whether the combined score will be more or less than 48 points. If you bet the under and the Eagles win 24-20, you would win. If you take the over and the Falcons win 31-24, you would win.

It doesn’t matter who wins the game or who scores for a totals bet. All that matters is how many combined points are on the board at the end of the game. And yes, overtime counts toward the total. Remember Super Bowl LI when the Patriots scored in overtime to beat the Falcons? That overtime touchdown cashed in “over” tickets for some bettors and devastated others.

There is also the option of betting on team totals. That narrows down the bet even more specifically. Both teams in a matchup will have a team total you can wager on for the game. For example, let’s say Philly’s team total is 26 against the Falcons. For that bet, you’re simply wagering on whether the Eagles will score more or less than 26 points.


Prop bets allow bettors to wager on specific players and what they accomplish each game. Will Matt Ryan complete over or under 23.5 passes against the Eagles? Will Julio Jones catch over or under 5.5 passes?

There are prop bets available for pass completions, interceptions, touchdowns, rushing yards, receiving yards and even team props. Which team will score first? Will the first score of the game be a touchdown? Or will it be a field goal or safety?

Another popular prop bet is first player to score a touchdown. About 10-12 players are listed, and they will have odds ranging from +250 to +1200. Will Devonta Freeman score the first touchdown of the game? His odds will be somewhere around +300 to +500.

Quarterbacks who throw for touchdowns don’t count for the first touchdown prop bet. However, the receiver who catches that touchdown does count. Quarterback rushing touchdowns do count in the first to score bet, so a mobile QB like Cam Newton will have better odds to score first than Tom Brady.

There’s also the option of betting on the field to score first. If an obscure fullback scores, that would be a winner for the field bettors. Same applies to a defensive touchdown.


Before and during the season, future bets are available. You can wager on who you think will win the Super Bowl now or at pretty much any point during the season.

Futures are available for the Super Bowl, NFC champion and AFC champion. Odds obviously change throughout the year depending on how a team is performing.

Before the season begins, there are also future bets available on win totals. Will the Patriots win over or under 11.5 games? Will the Bills win over or under six games? Win total bets are available for all 32 teams.

Primetime Betting

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2018 NFL Regular Season Schedule and Odds

Week 1

Thursday, September 6

Falcons at Eagles (-4)

Sunday, September 9

Steelers at Browns (+7)

49ers at Vikings (-4.5)

Bengals at Colts (-1)

Bills at Ravens (-3.5)

Jaguars at Giants (+4)

Buccaneers at Saints (-7)

Texans at Patriots (-7)

Titans at Dolphins (+2.5)

Chiefs at Chargers (-3)

Seahawks at Broncos (-2)

Cowboys at Panthers (-2.5)

Redskins at Cardinals (-1)

Bears at Packers (-8.5)

Monday, September 10

Jets at Lions (-6)

Rams at Raiders (-1.5)

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Week 2

Thursday, September 13

Ravens at Bengals (Pick)

Sunday, September 16

Panthers at Falcons (-4)

Chargers at Bills (+1)

Vikings at Packers (-2.5)

Browns at Saints (-10)

Dolphins at Jets (-1)

Chiefs at Steelers (-7)

Eagles at Buccaneers (+3)

Texans at Titans (Pick)

Colts at Redskins (-3)

Cardinals at Rams (-10.5)

Lions at 49ers (-3.5)

Raiders at Broncos (-1)

Patriots at Jaguars (+2.5)

Giants at Cowboys (-6)

Monday, September 17

Seahawks at Bears (Pick)

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Week 3

Thursday, September 20

Jets at Browns (-2.5)

Sunday, September 23

Saints at Falcons (-3)

Broncos at Ravens (-5.5)

Bengals at Panthers (-6)

Giants at Texans (-6)

Titans at Jaguars (-5)

49ers at Chiefs (-3)

Raiders at Dolphins (-1.5)

Bills at Vikings (-10)

Colts at Eagles (-10)

Packers at Redskins (+3)

Chargers at Rams (-3.5)

Bears at Cardinals (-1)

Cowboys at Seahawks (-1.5)

Patriots at Lions (+4)

Monday, September 24

Steelers at Buccaneers (+4)

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Week 4

Thursday, September 27

Vikings at Rams (-3)

Sunday, September 30

Bengals at Falcons (-7)

Buccaneers at Bears (-2.5)

Lions at Cowboys (-4)

Bills at Packers (-9.5)

Texans at Colts (+3)

Jets at Jaguars (-9.5)

Dolphins at Patriots (-11)

Eagles at Titans (+1.5)

Seahawks at Cardinals (Pick)

Browns at Raiders (-7.5)

49ers at Chargers (-3.5)

Saints at Giants (+2.5)

Ravens at Steelers (-6)

Monday, October 1

Chiefs at Broncos (-1)

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Week 5

Thursday, October 4

Colts at Patriots (-10.5)

Sunday, October 7

Titans at Bills (Pick)

Giants at Panthers (-6)

Dolphins at Bengals (-2.5)

Ravens at Browns (-2.5)

Packers at Lions (+1)

Jaguars at Chiefs (-1)

Broncos at Jets (+1.5)

Falcons at Steelers (-4)

Raiders at Chargers (-5)

Vikings at Eagles (-3.5)

Cardinals at 49ers (-7)

Rams at Seahawks (+1)

Cowboys at Texans (-3)

Monday, October 8

Redskins at Saints (-7.5)

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Week 6

Thursday, October 11

Eagles at Giants (+3)

Sunday, October 14

Buccaneers at Falcons (-7)

Steelers at Bengals (+4)

Chargers at Browns (+4)

Bills at Texans (-6)

Bears at Dolphins (-1.5)

Cardinals at Vikings (-10.5)

Colts at Jets (-1.5)

Seahawks at Raiders (London) (-1.5)

Panthers at Redskins (-1)

Rams at Broncos (+2.5)

Jaguars at Cowboys (-1)

Ravens at Titans (-2.5)

Chiefs at Patriots (-7)

Monday, October 15

49ers at Packers (-4)

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Week 7

Thursday, October 18

Broncos at Cardinals (+1.5)

Sunday, October 21

Titans at Chargers (London) (-3)

Patriots at Bears (+5)

Bills at Colts (-2)

Texans at Jaguars (-3)

Bengals at Chiefs (-4.5)

Lions at Dolphins (-1)

Vikings at Jets (+4)

Panthers at Eagles (-6)

Browns at Buccaneers (-5.5)

Saints at Ravens (Pick)

Cowboys at Redskins (-1)

Rams at 49ers (+1)

Monday, October 22

Giants at Falcons (-6)

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Week 8

Thursday, October 25

Dolphins at Texans (-7)

Sunday, October 28

Eagles at Jaguars (London) (Pick)

Ravens at Panthers (-2)

Jets at Bears (-4.5)

Buccaneers at Bengals (-1.5)

Seahawks at Lions (-1.5)

Broncos at Chiefs (-4.5)

Redskins at Giants (-3.5)

Browns at Steelers (-10.5)

Colts at Raiders (-6)

49ers at Cardinals (+1.5)

Packers at Rams (-3)

Saints at Vikings (-4)

Monday, October 29

Patriots at Bills (+4.5)

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Week 9

Thursday, November 1

Raiders at 49ers (-4)

Sunday, November 4

Steelers at Ravens (Pick)

Bears at Bills (-1.5)

Buccaneers at Panthers (-5.5)

Chiefs at Browns (+3)

Jets at Dolphins (-4)

Lions at Vikings (-7)

Falcons at Redskins (+2.5)

Texans at Broncos (Pick)

Chargers at Seahawks (Pick)

Rams at Saints (-2)

Packers at Patriots (-6)

Monday, November 5

Titans at Cowboys (-3.5)

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Week 10

Thursday, November 8

Panthers at Steelers (-6.5)

Sunday, November 11

Lions at Bears (-1)

Saints at Bengals (+3)

Falcons at Browns (+3)

Dolphins at Packers (-10.5)

Jaguars at Colts (+4)

Cardinals at Chiefs (-6.5)

Bills at Jets (-1)

Redskins at Buccaneers (-3.5)

Patriots at Titans (+3.5)

Chargers at Raiders (Pick)

Seahawks at Rams (-7)

Cowboys at Eagles (-5.5)

Monday, November 12

Giants at 49ers (-6.5)

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Week 11

Thursday, November 15

Packers at Seahawks (+1)

Sunday, November 18

Cowboys at Falcons (-3)

Bengals at Ravens (-6)

Vikings at Bears (+3)

Panthers at Lions (-2.5)

Titans at Colts (+1)

Eagles at Saints (-2)

Buccaneers at Giants (-3)

Texans at Redskins (+3)

Raiders at Cardinals (+1)

Broncos at Chargers (-4.5)

Steelers at Jaguars (+1)

Monday, November 19

Chiefs at Rams (Mexico City) (-4.5)

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Week 12

Thursday, November 22

Bears at Lions (-5)

Redskins at Cowboys (-6)

Falcons at Saints (-3.5)

Sunday, November 25

Raiders at Ravens (-5)

Jaguars at Bills (+4.5)

Seahawks at Panthers (-3)

Browns at Bengals (-5)

Dolphins at Colts (-2.5)

Patriots at Jets (+8.5)

Giants at Eagles (-8.5)

49ers at Buccaneers (+1)

Cardinals at Chargers (-9)

Steelers at Broncos (+3)

Packers at Vikings (-3)

Monday, November 26

Titans at Texans (-3.5)

Week 13

Thursday, November 29

Saints at Cowboys (-1.5)

Sunday, December 2

Ravens at Falcons (-3.5)

Broncos at Bengals (+1)

Rams at Lions (+2)

Cardinals at Packers (-11)

Browns at Texans (-10)

Colts at Jaguars (-7.5)

Bills at Dolphins (-1)

Bears at Giants (-3.5)

Chargers at Steelers (-4.5)

Panthers at Buccaneers (-1)

Chiefs at Raiders (-2.5)

Jets at Titans (-8.5)

Vikings at Patriots (-4.5)

49ers at Seahawks (-1)

Monday, December 3

Redskins at Eagles (-7.5)

Week 14

Thursday, December 6

Jaguars at Titans (-1)

Sunday, December 9

Jets at Bills (-4)

Rams at Bears (+2.5)

Panthers at Browns (+2.5)

Falcons at Packers (-3.5)

Colts at Texans (-7.5)

Ravens at Chiefs (-2)

Patriots at Dolphins (+6)

Saints at Buccaneers (+3)

Giants at Redskins (-1.5)

Bengals at Chargers (-7.5)

Broncos at 49ers (-4.5)

Lions at Cardinals (-1)

Eagles at Cowboys (Pick)

Steelers at Raiders (+3.5)

Monday, December 10

Vikings at Seahawks (+2)

Week 15

Thursday, December 13

Chargers at Chiefs (-2)

Saturday, December 15

Texans at Jets (-1.5)

Browns at Broncos (-5.5)

Sunday, December 16

Cardinals at Falcons (-7.5)

Buccaneers at Ravens (-6)

Lions at Bills (Pick)

Packers at Bears (+3)

Raiders at Bengals (+1.5)

Cowboys at Colts (+3)

Redskins at Jaguars (-8)

Dolphins at Vikings (-10)

Titans at Giants (+1.5)

Seahawks at 49ers (-3.5)

Patriots at Steelers (-1)

Eagles at Rams (-1)

Monday, December 17

Saints at Panthers (-1)

Week 16

Sunday, December 23

Giants at Colts (Pick)

Ravens at Chargers (-3.5)

Jaguars at Dolphins (+3)

Redskins at Titans (-5.5)

Falcons at Panthers (-1.5)

Bengals at Browns (-1)

Buccaneers at Cowboys (-6)

Vikings at Lions (+6.5)

Bills at Patriots (-10.5)

Packers at Jets (+6)

Texans at Eagles (-5.5)

Rams at Cardinals (+3.5)

Bears at 49ers (-6)

Steelers at Saints (-1)

Chiefs at Seahawks (-3)

Monday, December 24

Broncos at Raiders (-4)

Week 17

Sunday, December 30

Browns at Ravens

Dolphins at Bills

Lions at Packers

Jaguars at Texans

Raiders at Chiefs

Bears at Vikings

Jets at Patriots

Panthers at Saints

Cowboys at Giants

Bengals at Steelers

Falcons at Buccaneers

Colts at Titans

Eagles at Redskins

Chargers at Broncos

49ers at Rams

Cardinals at Seahawks

NFL Betting: 2018 NFL Regular Season Betting Guide
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NFL Betting: 2018 NFL Regular Season Betting Guide
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