Pelicans News: Pundits Talk About Zion Williamson’s Ceiling


Obviously we love writing about Zion Williamson. From his injury before the season, to his debut, and all the moments in between; we have been along for the ride.

Now with 10 career games under his belt, Williamson has joined a historic and rare crowd in the game’s illustrious history of players. ESPN-plus has an article with some different pundits discussing what he can become, since we are a whopping ten games in.

Luck for you we parsed some of the best bits behind the paywall. With that being said, it’s worth the full read so subscribe up.

Therefore, what does one expert see as Williamson’s NBA ceiling?

Schmitz: Health permitting, I’m confident that Zion will be an MVP candidate and viewed as one of the best players in the league. For that to happen, he’ll have to up his impact on the defensive end of the floor. Given his injury history and small-school background prior to the NCAA, anticipating a learning curve defensively should have been expected. Based on the motor and versatility I saw at Duke, I think he’ll develop into a valuable on-ball and off-ball defender in time.

Indeed, the ‘health permitting’ will be what dictates everything with the Williamson conversation. Still, people see him as a rare talent in the mold of a Greek Freak with a different body type.

It’s tricky to envision peak Zion because we’ve never seen a player like him before. I expect broad similarities with the player Antetokounmpo has become in a very different physical frame. Given how well Williamson has started as a teenager, we can’t put much of a limit on what he can achieve. Now here’s hoping Zion stays healthy so we find out.

This coming weekend, another chapter of the Zion Williamson story unfolds. It seems like it’s a long time in between his games because he leaves you wanting more. There’s been no question, he’s more then delivered on the expected promise and hype we all hoped to see before he logged career game no. 1.

Written by Clint Evans

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