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Sheridan: Luke Walton on the Hot Seat for Lakers’ Christmas Matchup With Warriors?

Five games are on the menu for today’s NBA Christmas feast, and one of them matters more than the others: Los Angeles at Golden State. Why? Because Luke Walton is under intense scrutiny within certain factions of the Lakers organization amid rumblings that he is not the coach to lead LeBron James and his current cast of teammates to where …

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Sheridan: Anguilla is Center of NBA Universe as Decision III Looms for LeBron James

The center of the NBA universe today was an island in the Caribbean where they drive on the left side of the road, listen to reggae music by homegrown artist Bankie Banx, serve as a tax haven for the megarich and offer plenty of places to jump off a cliff — as LeBron James did with his son, posting the …

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