Panthers News: Carolina Owner Sounds Unhappy With Current Direction of Franchise


Now, the Carolina Panthers are learning life without Cam Newton. Remember, when Newton landed on the IR for the rest of the year; the organization was full-steam ahead with rookie Kyle Allen.

However, since that time Allen has looked no more than a glorified back-up. Then, he threw four interceptions at home in a loss to the Atlanta Falcons in week 11.

Certainly, even adequate quarterback play would have the Panthers with a few more wins in the win column. Therefore, owner David Tepper met with the media on Monday to discuss his displeasure with mediocrity; as well as the future of Newton with the team.

Furthermore, owner David Tepper’s comments reveal an owner that will either get wins or make changes it seems. Therefore, here’s what he had to say following the home blowout loss to the Atlanta Falcons.

“Every time we have a loss, my mood is s—ty,” said Tepper, adding that he never accepted losing on the business side, where he accumulated a $12 billion net worth as a hedge fund manager.

Undeniably, I respect an owner meeting with the media and doing anything other than providing a vote of confidence at midseason. Equally important, Tepper said that the future of Newton is undecided due to the nature of his injury.

Suddenly, the Panthers have stability due in part to their owner coming out and providing it. While they are struggling on the field, they have a good leader who is displaying the ability to make tough decisions if need be. Tepper has drawn a line in the sand for his players and employees.

Hopefully, this provides a door open for Newton to remain with the franchise that selected him first overall in 2011. It’s good for football. Plus, everyone loves a good comeback story.

Written by Clint Evans


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